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Moor Green Allotments

An Oasis in the Centre of Birmingham, England


Moseley & District Allotment Holders Association Limited

Draft Children and Families Policy

The association is committed to providing a safe, welcoming environment for the enjoyment of all members.

Families with children are an important part of our allotment community bringing vibrancy, joy and a sense of continuity into the future.

The site greatly benefits children’s social development, health and happiness.

There are, however, risks to and from children on site and all association members and guests have the responsibility to behave in a way that does not undermine the enjoyment of the others.

To this end we ask that all those with children on site adhere to the following principles:

• Children must be under the responsible care of an adult whilst on site.

• The responsible adult is answerable for the actions of any child they are supervising.

• The responsible adult must be aware of the location and actions of any child they are supervising.

• All members and their guests must not enter any plot for which they do not have direct permission.

• Trees on site must not be climbed without direct, close supervision.

• Watercourses must be avoided without direct, close supervision.

• Please be sensitive to noise nuisance.

• Ensure children take particular care on the roads on site.

• Any children attending activities provided by the association must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

• Please do not photograph children other than those you are responsible for or for whom you have direct permission to do so.

• Be accommodating of respectfully polite reminders of these principles.

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